Roof / Attic Ventilation

Why Do You Need Proper Ventilation?

Roofs and attic spaces have two major enemies in all homes: heat build-up and moisture accumulation. Left unchecked these forces can cause a premature deterioration of the roof structure and materials as well as damaging insulation and increasing energy cost. The only defense is proper attic ventilation.

An effective well balanced roof ventilation system allows air to move in a pattern that results in a uniformly cool attic space prolonging roof life and increasing living comfort.

Shingle Vent II

There are Two Important Keys to Shingle Vent II Performance:

1. External baffle: Shingle Vent's special baffle deflects wind - even the slightest breeze - up and over the vent, creating an area of negative pressure. This negative pressure actually pulls stale air from your attic, while deflecting rain and snow.

2. Patented, internal weather filter: The patented weather filter acts as an added barrier from wind-driven rain, snow, dust and insect infiltration. These essential features are exclusive to Air Vent for proven performance and set them apart from the competition.

Here's How Shingle Vent II Works:

1. External Baffle: deflects wind to create negative pressure over the vent, pumping warm, moist air from the attic.

2. Patented Air Vent Weather Filter: helps provide a barrier from weather, dust and insects.

3. End Plugs: fit snugly into the ends of the vent, helping to protect attic from weather damage.

4. Shingle-over Design: matching roof shingles are placed over the ridge vent, making Shingle Vent II almost undetectable on your roof.

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