Cedar Shingles & Clap Boards

Because of its inherent beauty, no other roofing or siding material is imitated more often than cedar. It has long been the choice for homeowners, builders, and architects seeking to enhance the attractiveness and value of any home. Furthermore, unlike some synthetic or manufactured roofing products, cedar brings an element of natural warmth and charm to both residential and commercial buildings.

However, the benefits of cedar shakes and shingles go far beyond their aesthetic qualities, including the fact that choosing cedar is beneficial to the environment. Cedar is a fully renewable resource and, as a result of reforestation programs, stocks of the material have actually been increasing every year. Cedar products are more energy efficient to produce than most other roofing products and are fully biodegradable.

While beauty and eco-friendliness are important considerations, performance is the ultimate test of any material and cedar shakes and shingles are among the most durable roofing and siding products available for your home. Cedar does exceedingly well when exposed to hail storms and can withstand winds of up to 130 mph and more. Cedar shakes and shingles also carry a higher insulation rating (R Value) than most roof coverings and have the added advantage of being easy to maintain and repair. Cedar products can be pressure treated to prevent the growth of moss, mold and fungus and fire treated to meet building code requirements. Installed properly, cedar shakes and shingles often last upwards of 30 years.

Cedar shakes are an appropriate popular choice for many architectural designs and styles. Due to their thickness and texture, shakes are often used in a rustic setting, but it is not uncommon to see them on the most modern of buildings. Cedar shingles are somewhat thinner than shakes and give a more uniform look. Cedar shingles are an excellent choice for all roof and siding applications.

Handsplit and Resawn Shakes

Medium Shakes: 24" lengths x 1/2" thick butts with 10" exposure
Heavy Shakes: 24" lengths x 3/4" thick butts with 10" exposure

With smooth sawn backs and handsplit faces, these shakes are among the most popular choice of cedar roofing products. Medium and heavy shakes are also available in 18" lengths with 7 1/2" exposure.

Tapersawn Shakes

Standard Tapersawns: 18" lengths x 5/8" thick butts with 7 1/2" exposure
Heavy Tapersawns: 18" lengths x 3/4" thick butts with 7 1/2" exposure

Smooth sawn on both sides, tapersawns combine the thickness and durability of a shake with the clean and uniform appearance of a shingle. Standard and heavy tapersawn shakes are also available in 24" lengths with 10" exposure.


Fivex: 16" lengths x 3/8" thick butts with 5" exposure
Perfections: 18" lengths x 3/8" thick butts with 5 1/2" exposure
Royals: 24" lengths x 3/8" thick butts with 7 1/2" exposure

Smooth sawn on both sides, shingles are thinner than shakes and set at a tighter exposure which contributes to a relatively clean and uniform appearance. Also common for siding applications. Cedar shingles are also available in a variety of fancy and specialty cut butts for decorative use.

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